1981 Corolla with a LS1

This 1981 Toyota Corolla (E70) is listed weighing 1,885 lbs (855 kgs) but I am guessing this one weighs a little less. Add that with the bottom-end torque of a LS1 and this car must be a blast to drive. Update: I found MotoIQ’s great article on this Corolla. It has more images and details … Read more

For Sale: 1980 Corolla With Lexus V8

1980 Toyota Corolla with Lexus 1UZ V8

This 1980 Corolla with a Lexus 4.0L V8 and five-speed manual is for sale in Dallas, Texas. They are currently asking $6,995 for the car. After doing some research I found a Grassroots Motorsports article about the car from 2006. Source: AnB Auto Center via OppositeLock

1975 Corolla Powered By A Supercharged 1UZ-FE

Mark Still’s 1975 Corolla broadcasts its function over form build approach via the large “NO STYLE” sticker on the windshield. One look at the stripped interior and you know this car was built to preform not look pretty. The Corolla now benefits from a Lexus SC400 subframe and 1UZ-FE V8 power plant connected to a … Read more

1975 Corolla with a Supercharged 1UZFE V8

It doesn’t take long to see this is not your everyday 1975 Toyota Corolla. Instead of the factory inline-four, this Corolla has a 1UZFE from a Lexus. Poking through the hood is a M112 supercharger taken from a SVT Cobra Mustang. The headers and intake are custom. The front and rear suspension was swapped from … Read more

Toyota Corolla with a Turbo 2JZ

Toyota Corolla with a Turbo 2JZ

Scott Hoffman’s Toyota Corolla is powered by a 2JZ inline-six. The car’s small weight combined with the powerful inline-six makes for some really good times. In the last two passes Scott went 8.0 sec with nearly identical speeds, the fastest being 176.95 mph. Source: Fullboost via Jalopnik