RWD Toyota Corolla iM with a 1000 hp Inline-Four

RWD Corolla iM with a turbocharged 2.7 L 2AR inline-four

Fredric Aasbø has competed in Formula Drift for several seasons in a very powerful RWD Scion tC built by Papadakis Racing. He was very successful with the tC even winning the 2015 FD Pro Championship but with Toyota discontinuing the Scion marque last year Papadakis Racing needed to build something new. For the 2017 Formula … Read more


Toyota Corolla with a Turbo RB30

Toyota Corolla KE20 with a Turbo RB30 inline-six

This is Guy King’s Toyota Corolla KE20 racing at Willowbank Raceway. The factory inline-four is long gone and in its place is a 3.0 L Nissan RB30 inline-six. Connected to a Garrett GTX42 turbocharger and a Powerglide two-speed automatic transmission it ran a 9.36 sec at 126.7 mph. Source: Drag Videos Australia

Swapping a K24 into a AE86 – Part 1

Toyota Corolla AE86 with a 2.4 L K24

Touge Factory in Wheeling, Illinois has started a new engine swap project. The team will be installing a Honda 2.4 L K24 inline-four into a Toyota Corolla AE86 and they will be documenting the entire process. In part one they go over the parts they will be using in the build such as a KMiata … Read more

AWD Toyota Corolla with a 900 HP 3S-GTE

AWD Toyota Corolla with a 900 HP 3S-GTE

Alan Vial used his vast talent and some of Toyota’s best performance parts to turn a Toyota Corolla into a monster. The project started with a eight generation Corolla GLi powered by a 1.3 L inline-four. Alan then found a donor Celica GT-four ST185 to source the floorpan and drivetrain from. The engine is a … Read more

1981 Corolla with a LS1

This 1981 Toyota Corolla (E70) is listed weighing 1,885 lbs (855 kgs) but I am guessing this one weighs a little less. Add that with the bottom-end torque of a LS1 and this car must be a blast to drive. Update: I found MotoIQ’s great article on this Corolla. It has more images and details … Read more