Civic with a 1100 hp Turbo J35 V6

Honda Civic EG with a turbo 3.5 L J35 V6 04

Andre Simon from High Performance Academy talked with Aaron O’Neal from English Racing about his powerful Honda Civic EG which achieved 199.38 mph in the 1/2 mile earlier this year. The engine is a 3.5 L J35 V6 with J32A2 heads, stock crank, Crower modified camshafts, Wiseco pistons, Pauter X-beam rods, Precision 8385 turbocharger, and … Read more


Honda Civic with a 600 hp Hybrid Powertrain

Deep Orange 9 Civic with a 600 hp Hybrid Powertrain

This 10th generation Civic called Deep Orange 9 was built by a team of 19 students from Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research over two years. The car’s goal was to reduce emissions while still providing high performance for racing. They accomplished this using a hybrid powertrain that produces a total of 600 horsepower … Read more

Civic Makes 922 whp with a Turbo 2.0 L B-Series Inline-Four

Civic EG with a Turbo 2.0 L B18 Inline-Four

Piotr Sawczenko spent the last six years making his fifth generation Civic (EG) hatchback faster and more powerful. He recently installed a new built 2.0 L B18 inline-four by DZIAK Motorsport. The engine features forged internals, billet engine girdle, CNC ported and dimpled head, and Precision PT6766 turbocharger. The combination made 922 horsepower (935 KM) … Read more

Honda Civic with a Turbo RB25 Inline-Six

Honda Civic with a Turbo RB25 Inline-Six

While browsing Facebook I came across this unique Honda Civic EX that was for sale on eBay last year. They replaced the factory inline-four with a turbocharged 2.5 L RB25 inline-six. The FWD drivetrain is also gone, replaced with a five-speed manual transmission and LSD rear end from a Nissan R32 GTS. Other mods include … Read more

1974 Civic with a K20 Inline-Four

1974 Civic with a K20A Inline-Four

This 1974 Honda Civic is owned by Christopher Shea and features many modern amenities. Under the hood sits a 2.0 L K20A inline-four from a Integra DC5 Type R. A Hybrid Racing K-series fuel rail feeds the engine from a fuel cell in the trunk. It’s controlled by a Hondata K-Pro Version 4 ECU through … Read more

AWD Civic with a Turbo K20 Goes 7.88

AWD Civic with a Turbo K20 inline-four

Steven Oliveira‘s very fast Honda Civic called “Section 8” just joined the 7-sec club and set a record at FastFest Live with a 7.88 sec at 186.77 mph quarter-mile. The Civic is able to achieve this thanks to a built 2.0 L K20 inline-four that makes 1,000 horsepower. The engine features a JBR Engines K-Series … Read more