Civic Makes 922 whp with a Turbo 2.0 L B-Series Inline-Four

Civic EG with a Turbo 2.0 L B18 Inline-Four

Piotr Sawczenko spent the last six years making his fifth generation Civic (EG) hatchback faster and more powerful. He recently installed a new built 2.0 L B18 inline-four by DZIAK Motorsport. The engine features forged internals, billet engine girdle, CNC ported and dimpled head, and Precision PT6766 turbocharger. The combination made 922 horsepower (935 KM) … Read more

Honda Civic with a Turbo RB25 Inline-Six

Honda Civic with a Turbo RB25 Inline-Six

While browsing Facebook I came across this unique Honda Civic EX that was for sale on eBay last year. They replaced the factory inline-four with a turbocharged 2.5 L RB25 inline-six. The FWD drivetrain is also gone, replaced with a five-speed manual transmission and LSD rear end from a Nissan R32 GTS. Other mods include … Read more

1974 Civic with a K20 Inline-Four

1974 Civic with a K20A Inline-Four

This 1974 Honda Civic is owned by Christopher Shea and features many modern amenities. Under the hood sits a 2.0 L K20A inline-four from a Integra DC5 Type R. A Hybrid Racing K-series fuel rail feeds the engine from a fuel cell in the trunk. It’s controlled by a Hondata K-Pro Version 4 ECU through … Read more

AWD Civic with a Turbo K20 Goes 7.88

AWD Civic with a Turbo K20 inline-four

Steven Oliveira‘s very fast Honda Civic called “Section 8” just joined the 7-sec club and set a record at FastFest Live with a 7.88 sec at 186.77 mph quarter-mile. The Civic is able to achieve this thanks to a built 2.0 L K20 inline-four that makes 1,000 horsepower. The engine features a JBR Engines K-Series … Read more

1993 Civic with a Turbo V6

1993 Civic with a Turbo J32 V6

Cody Loveland built this 1993 Civic hatch for time attack racing several years ago at his company LoveFab. He replaced the factory engine and transmission with a 3.2 L J32A2 V6 and six-speed manual from an Acura CL Type-S. Increasing the displacement and cylinder count wasn’t enough for Cody so he installed a Garrett GTX3576R … Read more