Video of 2JZ Powered Camaro

We mentioned on here before that EVS Motors was building a 2JZ-GTE powered 1967 Camaro. Well they didn’t quite get their intended horsepower level of 1,000. The video states the engine is running around 28 psi of boost delivering around 800 horsepower. Which you can see in the video below. EVS Motors Presents The Worlds … Read more

1969 Z28 Gold Canyon Carver

Originally this Z28 came with a 302 but had a 396 swapped in its place. The current owner decided the Camaro needed some more power and after careful consideration settled on the beastly ZZ 502 crate motor. This engine out of the box puts down 502 horsepower and 567 lb.-ft. of torque. Also upgraded on … Read more

Pro-touring 1969 Camaro from Prodigy Customs

This 1969 Camaro was built for a Pro-touring Forum member for mostly drag racing and looking cool driving down the street. The engine is a LS7 crate motor and will receive some upgrades including a new cam to boost the power output. The transmission will use the Twist Machine 4L65 manumatic. The car has a … Read more

ATS Chicane Phase 1

American Touring Specialties just completed phase 1 on this 1968 Camaro. After destroying the original Powerglide transmission they swapped it with a T56 from a LT1 combo using ATS’ own kit. Also included was Sparco seats, 4 point roll cage, Detroit Speed & Engineering subframe connectors, upgraded rear suspension, upgraded front disk brakes from Baer, … Read more

Air Ride’s 1968 Camaro Velocity

At this years YearOne Experience, Air Ride Technologies showed off their 1968 Velocity Camaro. The name is based off the paint which is Hot Hues Velocity Orange with bare metal stripes. The engine is a World Products Warhawk 427 LS engine putting out 614hp. It also comes with a complete Air Ride Street Challenge Suspension. … Read more

Reggie Jackson’s 1969 Camaro

Reggie Jackson's 1969 Camaro with a 454 LSX V8

The engine was built by GM Performance Parts and GM Performance Division with the help of NHRA racer Warren Johnson to show off the LSX platform. The 454 ci small-block LSX engine produces 641 hp and 611 lb-ft of torque. The engine is not fuel injected but instead uses a single Holley 950 cfm four-barrel … Read more