BMW 135i with an E92 M3 V8

You are looking at a very special BMW or as Matt Farah would put it “possibly the best BMW you could build at any price.” This BMW 135i has been slowly upgraded to a M-series both in looks and performance. The final touch was replacing the N54 I6 with a S65 V8 from a BMW … Read more

For Sale: 2002 BMW 745 withy a Turbo Chevy V8

Someone is selling a 2002 BMW 745 with a turbocharged 4.8 L iron-block LSx. I can’t tell if the 4.8 L is a Gen 3 LR4 or a Gen 4 LY2/L20. Either way the engine runs a 4L60E automatic transmission and 70 mm turbocharger. The owner claims the engine is “freshly rebuilt” and features a … Read more

1999 BMW 528 Wagon with a LSX 427

The BMW E39 series came with very wide variety of engines. There were 14 different inline-six and five different V8 engines that found their way into the E39 chassis. This 1999 BMW 525it wagon was a custom order from BMW with Mojave metallic brown paint. The owner removed the stock motor, transmission and suspension for … Read more

BMW Z4 With A M50d Triple-turbo Diesel

AC Schnitzer is a tuning company known for upgrading BMWs and that is exactly what they have done with their ACZ 5.0d concept. They started with a BMW Z4 sDrive 23i and swapped the factory motor for a triple-turbocharged 3.0 L straight-six M50d from a BMW M550d. The engine’s power has been increased from 375 … Read more

BMW E30 M3 With A 1,000 Horsepower 2JZ

It would seem Vidar Jødahl’s 2JZ powered BMW E30 M3 is as fast on ice is it is on concrete. On a frozen lake in Sweden Vidar was able to reach 197 mph and set a new record for the fastest 2WD car on ice. The engine produces 1,078 horsepower and 1,089 ft-lb of torque … Read more

BMW E30 With A M52B28 Motor

The Bavarian Motor Works company would be proud of this build. Although I am sure there have been E30 projects as detailed as this one, I have never come across one. A gentleman from Finland took a 1984 E30 and put a 1987 E30 body around it. He did this to avoid Finland’s laws involving … Read more