BMW E21 with a Turbo 2JZ Inline-Six

BMW E21 with a Turbo 2JZ Inline-Six

Marek Wartałowicz drifts his custom BMW E21 for the STW Drift Team. The car was built in two years by Marek and the team at STW Center in Warsaw, Poland. The car rides on a tubular chassis with a custom independent suspension and E36 M3 disc brakes. The team reduced the car’s weight thanks to … Read more

BMW Z4 with a Turbo 2JZ Inline-Six

BMW Z4 with a turbo 2JZ inline-six

Andre Cardadeiro has owned a Toyota Supra for 14 years. He’s gained a lot of experience with the 2JZ inline-six in that time, including rebuilding the one in his Supra. So when he purchased a BMW Z4 for a new project, there was only one choice for power. Under the hood sits a 3.0 L … Read more

BMW 1 Series with a Twin-Turbo Diesel Inline-Six

2007 BMW E87 with a Twin-Turbo M57 Diesel Inline-Six

This 2007 BMW E87 5-door hatchback started life with as a 118d model with a turbo diesel inline-four. However the owner Josh wanted more power and torque so he turned to the talented mechanics at Quarry Motors in Sheffield, UK for a solution. There the car received a twin-turbo 3.0 L M57 (M57D30TÜTOP) inline-six and … Read more

BMW M3 E36 with a Coyote V8

BMW M3 E36 with a Coyote V8

This BMW M3 E36 was built by Tarmac Offensive Motorsports in Lake in the Hills, Illinois. The factory inline-six is long gone and replaced with a Ford 5.0 L Coyote V8 that made 430 horsepower to the rear wheels thanks to ARP hardware, ACL trimetal race bearings, and custom tune. Behind the engine sits a … Read more

For Sale: BMW 600 Truck with a VW Flat-Four

BMW 600 Truck with a VW Flat-Four

This custom 1957 BMW 600 truck is for sale in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a current bid of $8,950. A former BMW Master Technician from the Munich, Germany plant built the custom truck. A 1600 cc flat-four from a Volkswagen Type 3 that makes 50-60 horsepower replaces the original 582 cc flat-twin that made 19 … Read more