200SX with BMW M5 Swap

Reading their website doesn’t tell much but it seems we are looking at a Nissan 200SX with a 3.6L BMW engine (S38B36) from a 1989–1995 M5 (E34). Then they turbocharged the engine with a Garrett GT45 turbo. No where do they indicate the horsepower output but I would expect good numbers though the video is … Read more


Ford Festiva with Mid-engine V8

This CarDomain user has put a 355ci V8 in the back of a little Festiva. The owner through heavy modification decided to keep the FWD. The V8 delivers the power through a TH350 transmission with a shortened driveshaft. It also has a limited-slip differential out of a 1989 BMW 325I and heavily modified c/v shafts … Read more