Dady Rat Runs a 19 Liter Diesel V12

The Dady Rat was built by Johnny Stauffer with the help of this son and two grandsons to be one amazing rat rod. The body and rear tires are from a five ton military truck which sit on an air suspension and hand-built custom chassis. The drivetrain consists of a 19.0 L Deutz 513 twin-turbo … Read more

Twin-engine Pontiac Grand Prix Update

Turbo Dynamics Twin-engine race car

The guys at Turbo Dynamics continue to work on their twin-engine race car. We have covered this project before when it was still resembled a Pontiac Grand Prix and when the group decided to build it into a race car. Most of the work focuses on getting the power to the ground. The boost is … Read more

1972 Cutlass Banshee Now Runs A LS3

Jon Swift stopped by Jay Leno’s garage to talk about the history behind this very unique custom 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Vic Hickey was a GM engineer and created this off road racer for GM. The car body is fiberglass and rides on a custom tube chassis. The entire car is about 2/3 scale compared to … Read more

Uphill Sand Racing At Liwa 2015

Another video showing off high horsepower SUV uphill sand racing at Liwa UAE. This time around the videos are broken down to highlights, I6 and V8 only powered vehicles. Both classes are exciting to watch and multiple engines are pushed to their breaking point. One V8 engine is listed as 3,600 horsepower. Highlights from the … Read more