2Sexy Gets a New Engine – Part 5

Mitsubishi Lancer with a turbo 4G69 inline-four

Marty and his Mitsubishi Lancer called “2Sexy” are back. The car has been in storage since they damaged the engine while racing. The plan is to swap the turbocharged 1.5 L 4G15 inline-four for a turbocharged 2.4 L 4G69 inline-four. In this episode the team finishes the swap and takes it for a test drive. … Read more

Volvo 245L with a 1UZ V8 – Part 4

1974 Volvo 245L with a 1UZ V8

Luca Car Mods is back with a new video on his 1974 Volvo 245L project. The goal is to swap the factory B20 inline-four for a 4.0 L 1UZ V8 from a Lexus LS400. The car will also receive an upgraded suspension, fuel, and exhaust system with the entire project costing €5,000-€6,000 ($5,795-$6,954). In this … Read more

1971 Datsun 240Z with a LS7 V8

1971 Datsun 240Z with a LS7 V8

San Kinkhat has owned several amazing vehicles like his 1995 Porsche 911 with a LS1 V8. He recently finished building this purple 1971 Datsun 240Z with a 7.0 L LS7 V8 connected to a TR-6060 six-speed manual transmission. The engine features Harrop’s Hurricane ITB manifold and makes 625 horsepower to the rear wheels. San hopes … Read more

Mazda RX7 with a Twin-Turbo VG30DETT V6

Mazda RX7 with a twin-turbo VG30 V6

The owner of this Mazda RX-7 daily drove the rotary powered coupe until the engine suffered damage. He decided to replace the rotary with a different engine after seeing the cost to rebuild it. When it came to engine choices, he considered several options until settling on a 3.0 L VG30DETT from a Nissan 300ZX. … Read more