2002 Subaru WRX with LS1

We seem to be coming across more Subaru engine swaps lately. Take this 2002 Subaru WRX for example. The owner has replaced the factory EJ20 motor for a LS1 and T-56 transmission. Check out the thread below for more pictures. http://ls1tech.com/forums/conversions-hybrids/1561822-02-subaru-wrx-ls1-build.html

Engine Swap Depot Update

Recently we decided to move our site to a new hosting company. Because of this you might have noticed the site acting weird or down over the past week. If you left a comment over the past week please check to see if it was published. We tried to move everything we had over but … Read more

Fairlady Z with RB26/30

Built by Rocky Auto, this Fairlady Z is very different then when it first rolled off the assembly line. The engine is made up of a RB26 head on top of a RB30 bottom from Australia. The engine breathes through three 50mm Solex carburetors. This setup allows the engine to produce 300 horsepower at 7K … Read more