Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30

Ford Transit with a Turbo RB26/30 inline-six

This unique Ford Transit Mk3 was built by Andrius Jonusas in London, UK. The engine is a turbocharged RB26/30 inline-six that produces 750 horsepower and 840 Nm (619.47 lb-ft) on 1.3 bar (18.8 psi) of boost. It features a RB30 block, forged pistons and rods, balanced crank, ported and polished RB26 head, Tomei camshafts, and … Read more

Toyota KE70 Panel Van with a Turbo Inline-Four

Toyota KE70 Panel Van with a Turbo 3RZ Inline-Four

Brenton Lapworth is an Australian welder/fabricator whose “Smokovan” is a Toyota Corolla KE70 panel van upgraded in every way. Power comes from a built 2.7 L 3RZ-FE inline-four featuring Pauter rods, Arias pistons, Kelford camshafts, enlarged intake and exhaust valves, Plazmaman 76 mm throttle body, and dry sump system. It produces 540 horsepower and 626 … Read more

For Sale: Mugen-Honda F1 V10

Mugen-Honda F1 MF-351 V10

This Mugen-Honda MF-351 V10 is for sale in Italy with an asking price of €10,000 or about $11,848. This 3.5 L V10 made around 700 horsepower with the Footwork F1 team using MF-351H and MF-351HB versions in 193 and the Lotus F1 team using the MF-351HC and MF-351HD versions in 1994. The seller doesn’t indicate … Read more

Mazda MX-5 with a Twin-Turbo V8

Mazda MX-5 with a Twin-Turbo LS1 V8

Street Machine set out to turn a Mazda MX-5 they purchased online sight-unseen into a very powerful monster. They sent the MX-5 to All Race Fabrications for most of the fabrication such as strengthening the chassis, installing a roll cage, fuel cell, and four-link rear suspension. Sticking out of the engine bay is a 5.7 … Read more

1971 FJ40 with a 3F-E Inline-Six

1971 Toyota FJ40 with a 3F-E Inline-Six

This 1971 Toyota FJ40 was converted into a rock crawler by Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers in Austin, Colorado. The company stretched the SUV 13.75 inches giving it a 106″ wheelbase similar in length of a FJ43. For power they turned to a 4.0 L 3F-E inline-six from a FJ62. These engines produce 155 hp (116 … Read more