Ford Fiesta with an Evo Powertrain

Ford Fiesta with a Mitsubishi Evo Powertrain

This Ford Fiesta is driven by Marek Rybníček for the Liqui Moly Racing Team in the Czech Republic. The 950 kg (2094 lb) race car was built to compete in FIA European hill climb competition and features a Mitsubishi Evo powertrain that produces 650 horsepower and 800+ Nm (589 lb-ft) of torque. There is no … Read more

Custom Ford Mustang on Dodge Ram 4×4 Chassis

Custom Ford Mustang on Dodge Ram 4x4 Chassis

When Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan wanted to build a custom 4×4 Mustang for his brother he first turned to 3D artist and automotive designer Hussain Albagali. After developing the concept and getting approval a team of fabricators got to work installing a sixth generation Mustang body over a 2015 Dodge Ram 4×4 chassis. … Read more

For Sale: 1980 MGB with a Rover V8

1980 MGB with a 4.6 L Rover V8

This 1980 MGB Limited Edition is for sale on eBay in Hebron, Ohio with a starting price of $15,000. This small roadster was upgraded to a 4.6 L Rover V8 by Andy’s Auto who specialize in MG V8 conversions. The engine was built with an forged 9.75:1 pistons, Isky Racing camshaft, valve work, high volume … Read more

MCM’s Toyota Cresta with a Turbo Barra

Mighty Car Mods' Toyota Cresta with a Turbo Barra inline-six

Might Car Mods are back with another engine swap project. The boys traveled to Japan to purchase a Toyota Cresta (X70 series) for $2,000 with the goal of building a 10-second quarter-mile car. They hope to achieve this by installing a turbocharged 4.0 L Barra inline-six. The engine was rebuilt with upgraded valve springs, head … Read more

Nissan Fairlady Z with a RB26/30

Nissan Fairlady Z with a RB26/30 inline-six

This 1972 Nissan Fairlady Z (HS30) was built by Rocky Auto in Okazaki, Japan. The factory inline-six has been replaced with a RB-series inline-six made from an RB30 block and RB26 head. To handle the extra power the chassis has been strengthened in the center and the suspension upgraded. The body includes genuine “G-nose” front, … Read more