1968 Charger with a Mercedes Diesel Inline-Six Update

1968 Charger with a Mercedes OM606 Inline-Six

Luke Dale and his team at Diesel Pump UK continue work on “Vin Diesel” 1968 Dodge Charger project. The Charger is powered by a Mercedes 3.0 L OM606 diesel inline-six and BorgWarner 9180 turbocharger. The transmission will be a full manual Gearstar Pro 4l85E transmission. Since our previous update the team installed the engine, cooling … Read more

Honda CBR1100XX Powered Custom Fiat 126

Fiat 126 with a Honda CBR1100XX inline-four

Alessio Arena was filmed racing his unique 1976 Fiat 126 around Autodromo di Modena. The small car called “Red Rocket” is powered by a 1100 cc inline-four from a Honda CBR1100XX that produces 164 horsepower. More photos and videos can be seen in our previous article. Source: Italian Supercar Video

Nissan March with a Mid-Engine Twin-Turbo V6

Nissan March with a Mid-Engine Twin-Turbo V6

The Lab Limited is a company in Hamilton, New Zealand specializing in light engineering and automotive fabrication with a focus on the Nissan Z32. Inspired by Nissan’s Micra 350SR project, they decided to build their own in 2016. Unfortunately a serious crash left it irreparable so they set out to build a new improved version. … Read more