1967 Camaro With A Duramax Diesel V8


The owner of this Camaro purchased it from his mother when he was 18 for a senior graduation project. In 2012 he decided to really turn it into something special, a 1st generation powered by a turbocharged 2006 LBZ Duramax diesel V8. But this isn’t just some junkyard diesel being thrown into a busted muscle car. Looking through the build thread it doesn’t take too many pages before you realize the owner has really put in serious time and effort on this build. I am sure some will completely disagree with the direction but we are glad projects like this exist.

Source: Diesel Place and Competition Diesel and Build gallery

Goodguy’s Pro-touring 1969 G/RS Camaro


Goodguy’s Rod & Custom Association selected Ridetech to build them a very nice pro-touring 1969 Camaro. Everything on this car has been upgraded to improve performance. The most important to us is the supercharged LSA V8 and T-56 six-speed transmission. There is a ton of great images in the source links below.

Source: Ridetech and Pro-touring (build thread) and ScottieTV

Drag Mazda Miata Powered By Two Electric Motors


The popularity of electric vehicles has increased in the past few years for both consumers and racers. Lonestar EV Performance has built an impressive drag Miata capable of reaching into the eight second category. The Miata runs two Netgain Warp9 2000 amp 210 volt electric motors each good for 500 horsepower. The instant torque electric motors naturally have gets this Miata 0-60mph in 1.5 seconds.

Here are just a few of the records Lonestar currently has as of this posting.
World Record Pro-Modified Conversion Car 1/8 Mile(Current)
World Record Xtreme Street Conversion Car 1/8 Mile(current) 5.7
World Record Xtreme Street Conversion Car 1/4 Mile(current) 9.1
First Texas Mile Attempt in an EV
Standing 1/2 Mile 134mph NSL<190mph/E
Standing 1.0 mile 155mph NSL<190mph/E

Source: Jalopnik and DragTimes and Lonestar EV Performance’s Facebook page

Jeff Lutz’s Twin Turbo Chevy


Watch Jeff Lutz’s 1957 Chevy called Evil Twin try to destroy a dyno machine. The engine on 29 psi of boost is making around 2,140 horsepower to the wheels which is good for pushing the Chevy into the six second territory. The engine is a 632 cubic inch big block with two 91mm Precision turbochargers connected to a Rossler transmission, Gear Vendors overdrive and a ProTorque converter. That is one amazing engine.


Source: BangShift and DragZine and Lutz Race Cars Facebook Page

Diesel Subaru Impreza Hillclimber


I have no idea how we missed this project from Gregoire Blachon. He built a diesel powered Subaru Impreza to race Pikes Peak and other events. The original chassis was an Impreza Brighton coupe with a 1.8L engine. Now the EE20 diesel engine is managing 200 horsepower and 300 ft-lbs of torque. The engine is controlled through a Bosch MS 15.1 ECU and the brakes, suspension and wheels are from a 2007 WRX STi.

If you are interested in having your own diesel powered Impreza, Gregoire’s company Boxeer will build one. A Subaru diesel EE20 Euro 5 motor swap will start at $4875 (low miles) up to $7200 (brand new).

Source: SubieSport and Boxeer Facebook Page via OppositeLock

For Sale: 1954 Mercedes 300 SL With A Modern AMG V8


If you are in the market for a classic looking Mercedes but want the power and readability of modern technology, RM Auctions has the car for you.
They will be auctioning off a 1954 Mercedes 300 SL built by AMG featuring a 380 horsepower 6.0L AMG-tuned M119 V8 engine.

AMG also installed a W4A four-speed automatic transmission, a modern R129 rear axle assembly, Bilstein adjustable sports suspension pack, W124 rear brakes, power-operated AMG C36 brakes, and power-adjustable steering at the front.


RM Auctions says AMG started this project at the request of Royal Family of Brunei. Only 11 examples were built.

Only 11 of these bespoke SLs were converted by AMG between 1996 and 2009, with each car costing in excess of €1 million to build. Five of those completed were for the Royal Family of Brunei, whilst the remaining six were delivered to other qualified customers. Eight of those 11 examples were coupés, with half being outfitted with right-hand drive and the other half left-hand drive, such as this example. This AMG was purchased by DD Racing in Germany directly from AMG shortly after it was rebuilt in 2001, and it was initially registered in Germany. In 2005, the car then found its way into the hands of a collector in Hong Kong, where it has remained ever since and has been carefully stored in a climate-controlled environment.

The auction will be held May 10, 2014 and they estimate the selling price to be €740,000 ($1,013,948) to €940,000 ($1,287,988).

Source: RM Auctions via OppositeLock