Dodge Ram 1500 with a Hellcat V8

Dodge Ram 1500 truck with a 6.2 L Hellcat V8

After the Hellcat V8 came on the scene there was plenty of internet talk about what it should go into. One of those was a Ram truck similar in spirit to the SRT-10. Dodge may not be willing to build one but a dealership in Midland, Ontario just did. Midland Chrysler started by buying a … Read more

Toyota GT86 with a Ferrari V8 Update

Ryan Tuerck's Toyota GT86 with a Ferrari F136 V8

Ryan Tuerck made a video explaining how the intake will work as well other modifications on his Ferrari powered Toyota GT86. The intake is being routed into a induction box located under the dash with carbon fiber intakes behind the front wheels. Since this will be a video/demo car and will not compete in Formula … Read more

Building a 1967 Camaro with a V12 LSx

1967 Camaro with a LSx V12

One of the first 519 ci LSx V12 engines made by V12LS is going to custom builder Mike Heim at Quality Custom Rides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The engine will go in Mike’s own 1967 Camaro he originally purchased when he was 18 years old. The Camaro will have a lot of custom modifications. The floor … Read more

1976 Honda Civic with a D16

1976 Honda Civic with a D16A9

Georges Champomier really enjoys racing his 1976 Honda Civic at tracks all over the world. The project started back in 2008 with an engine swap and since then Georges has modified many aspects of the car to improve its performance. Under the hood sits a 1.6 L Honda D16A9 inline-four taken from a 1988–1991 CR-X. … Read more

Electric Enfield 8000 Reaches the 9s

Flux Capacitor Enfield 8000 EV dragster

When we last wrote about Jonny Smith’s Flux Capacitor he was hoping to reach into the 11’s. Back then his Enfield 8000 was powered by 144 custom military grade Lithium-ion cells originally developed as starter and min-gun batteries for the Bell SupraCobra helicopter. These powered two 9″ DC Racing motors which were directly connected to … Read more

Mercedes C43 AMG with a 5.4 L V8

1999 Mercedes C 43 AMG with a 5.4 L M113 V8

Matt Farah took a drive in a special 1999 Mercedes C43 AMG recently for his One Take series. The owner explains he removed the 4.3 L M113 E43 V8 and replaced it with a 5.4 L M113 V8 from a CLK55 AMG. He also explained it was pretty much a bolt-in swap since the engine … Read more