ICON is Building an Electric 1949 Mercury

ICON 1949 Mercury coupe with twin electric motors

Jonathan Ward recently shared a video tour where he talked about their current and future projects. One interesting project he discussed was a 1949 Mercury coupe that will turn into an ICON Derelict. It will feature twin electric motors, electric steering and electric AC. The car will ride on a custom Art Morrison chassis with … Read more

Milner Racing LRM-1 with a LS3

Milner Racing LRM-1 with a LS3 V8

In 2013 Milner Racing began selling their newest off-road race car called the LRM-1. The project drew from their 30+ years of off-road racing and featured a full space frame chassis with double wishbone fully independent suspension. The composite body is designed after a Range Rover Evoque at 4/5 scale. Customers could order it as … Read more

Porsche Cayman with a Coyote V8

Porsche Cayman with a Ford 5.0 L Coyote V8

When the owner of this Porsche Cayman S (2005-2008) damaged the 3.4 L M97.21 flat-six engine he might have been in shock to see the replacement price. Because he found out it would be cheaper to pay a talented fabricator to swap a 5.0 L Ford Coyote V8. The engine runs a Ford Racing BOSS … Read more

Honda Civic with a Turbo J35

5th Gen Honda Civic with a turbo 3.5 L J35 V6

It seems more projects recently are using the Honda J-series engines for serious power. Take for example this fifth-generation Honda Civic built by English Racing in Camas, Washington. The factory inline-four has been replaced with a 3.5 L J35 V6 from a 2002 Honda Odyssey. The engine upgrades include heads and cams from a Acura … Read more