V8 Powered Smart Fortwo


Someone has taken a Smart car body and stuffed a tube chassis and V8 under it. This looks so wild. Video below shows it going down the drag strip. Someone close to the build said this was the first go and they really haven’t done much to dial it in. In this video below it ran a 13.23 but only a few more passes and it got down to 12.2 with the goal to reach the ten second territory.


I am still trying to find more information and will update the article if I find more.

Source: MotorAuthority and Bangshift

1969 Porsche 911 With A GT3 Motor


What do you get when you take a 1969 Porsche 911, replace a bunch of body panels with carbon fiber and then swap in a 2006 GT3 cup motor? An amazing looking and performing hybrid Porsche 911.

Source: Pelican Parts Forum via BuildThreads

1970 Nova With A Cummins 4BT Diesel


This is the most unique Nova build I have ever seen. The builder took a 1970 Nova SS and swapped a turbocharged Cummins 4BT diesel outputting over 800 lb-ft of torque and “one hundred something” horsepower. The builder continued with a semi truck theme which is why you see the CB radio, eight-lug truck wheels, dually wheels, air horns etc. The Nova is currently for sale at the Racing Junk link below for $75,000 in case anyone is interested in buying one very unique Nova.

Source: RacingJunk via BangShift

1967 Camaro With A Duramax Diesel V8


The owner of this Camaro purchased it from his mother when he was 18 for a senior graduation project. In 2012 he decided to really turn it into something special, a 1st generation powered by a turbocharged 2006 LBZ Duramax diesel V8. But this isn’t just some junkyard diesel being thrown into a busted muscle car. Looking through the build thread it doesn’t take too many pages before you realize the owner has really put in serious time and effort on this build. I am sure some will completely disagree with the direction but we are glad projects like this exist.

Source: Diesel Place and Competition Diesel and Build gallery

Goodguy’s Pro-touring 1969 G/RS Camaro


Goodguy’s Rod & Custom Association selected Ridetech to build them a very nice pro-touring 1969 Camaro. Everything on this car has been upgraded to improve performance. The most important to us is the supercharged LSA V8 and T-56 six-speed transmission. There is a ton of great images in the source links below.

Source: Ridetech and Pro-touring (build thread) and ScottieTV