Alfa Romeo 8C Replica With Buick V8

Alfa Romeo 8C Replica With Buick 215 ci V8

This replica of a Alfa Romeo 8C was custom made out of aluminum by a very talented metalsmith. Aluminum is more difficult to work with than steel but it was a great choice because the exposed metal really shows off the body. The car is based on a Porsche 924 chassis and is powered by a Buick 215 cubic-inch V8. The engine was modified to handle a Porsche five-speed manual, bell housing, flywheel and clutch. Chevy wheels were also modified to accept the Porsche spindles using aluminum adapters.

Alfa Romeo 8C Replica With Buick 215 ci V8

Alfa Romeo 8C Replica With Buick 215 ci V8

Source: Significant Cars via OppositeLock

1977 AMC Pacer Wagon With Blown V8

1977 AMC Pacer with supercharged Oldsmobile 455 ci V8

This car appears to have it all, classic American looks, storage space, and of course ridiculous gas sucking power. Sure it can be a hassle to fit your groceries around the roll cage and buckling a four-point harness everyday can be a pain, but look what you get “under” the hood. This 1977 AMC Pacer is powered by a 455 ci Oldsmobile V8 with a 671 supercharger. The car is currently for sale with a asking price of $16,900.

1977 AMC Pacer with supercharged Oldsmobile 455 ci V8

1977 AMC Pacer with supercharged Oldsmobile 455 ci V8

1977 AMC Pacer with supercharged Oldsmobile 455 ci V8

Source: West Coast Collector Cars via BangShift

Lincoln-Zephyr Flathead V12 Motorcycle

Lincoln-Zephyr flathead V12 powered motorcycle

Olson’s V8s specialize in building motorcycles powered by Ford flathead V8s but this particular model is powered by a Lincoln-Zephyr flathead V12. I do not know which version is being used on this bike but the V12 came in three sizes 267, 292, and 306 cubic-inches and had about 110 horsepower and 180 ft-lb of torque. These were similar to the Ford flathead V8s except they were a 75° angle V instead of a 90°.

Lincoln-Zephyr flathead V12 powered motorcycle

Lincoln-Zephyr flathead V12 powered motorcycle

Source: Olson’s V8s via OppositeLock

1952 Willys Jeep With Supercharged Vortec

1952 Willys Jeep with supercharged and nitrous 4.8L Vortec V8

I have been wanting to post something on this death machine for a while but all the video footage was of it racing on the streets. I am sure a lot have seen the videos but if you haven’t just search for “LSx Willys Jeep” on Youtube. This video shows the death Jeep on a dyno testing its supercharged and nitrous 4.8L iron-block Vortec motor. Running a 100 shot of nitrous produced 729 horsepower and 689 ft-lb of torque. Normally for the street the motor is setup to run 250-300 shot, which is probably good for close to 1,000 horsepower. So picture that much horsepower in a little metal shell with no doors or roll bar and only lap belts to secure yourself to the flat seats.

Source: Jason Carey’s Youtube channel via LSxTV

1974 Corvette With A Volkswagen 1.9L Diesel

1974 Corvette with a Volkswagen TDI diesel engine

I have covered many engine swaps but I have never seen this combo before. I can feel the opinions coming before I finish writing this sentence. This is a 1974 Corvette with a 2002 VW 1.9L TDI diesel and a five-speed transmission from a Toyota truck. The owner claims it gets 55+ MPG and cost $12,000 to build. If anyone is interested in trolling your local Corvette club, the owner is asking $4,000 for it.

Update: This Corvette previously had a 350 ci so for the 1974 model it was either a L48 or L82 model. Depending on where you go for the information, the L48 had 190-195 horsepower and the L82 had 200-250 horsepower.

Source: TDIclub (build thread) and Daily Turismo via OppositeLock

ICON’s FJ44 – A 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser

ICON FJ44 - 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser with LSx V8

ICON posted a video showcasing their really nice FJ44 model, which is a long wheelbase, four-door SUV based on a 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. The engine is a LSx motor with Vortec truck injectors and intake, connected to a 4L65E automatic transmission. Watch as Jonathan Ward explains everything that went into modernizing this classic Toyota.

ICON FJ44 - 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser with LSx V8

Source: Jonathan Ward’s Youtube channel

Speed Academy’s Nissan S13 LSx Swap Guide

Speed Academy's LSx into Nissan S13 240SX swap guide

Speed Academy created a series on swapping a LSx motor into a 240SX. This guide has a lot of good information such as picking a Cadillac CTS-V accessories setup because it’s the most compact and fits the S13 with no clearance issues. The only drawback is the series is more of an overview. The builder doesn’t go into a lot of detail for those who would a prefer a step-by-step guide. I have outlined each series below.

Part 1 – The Essentials

  • LSx engine choice
  • Trans choice
  • shifter choice
  • clutch choice
  • starter choice
  • engine swap kit choice
  • power steering lines
  • master clutch cylinder
  • wiring harness
  • accessories package

Part 2 – Getting Started

  • factory motor removal
  • prep LSx motor
  • LSx motor installation
  • fuel lines
  • power steering
  • radiator connections

Part 3 – It’s All In The Details

  • catalytic converters
  • exhaust plumbing
  • air intake
  • wiring/ECU
  • drive-by-wire pedals
  • factory gauges working

Part 4 – Finishing Touches

  • heat protection
  • front sway bar
  • upgrading the differential
  • upgrading the brakes