Infiniti G35 With 1500 A Horsepower Twin-turbo V8

1500 horsepower twin-turbo 427 cubic-inch LSx V8 inside Infiniti G35

The owner of this 427 ci LSx powered Infiniti G35 brought it to D3 Performance in Houston, Texas for more power, a lot more power. The goal was to create a twin-turbo setup capable of 1,500+ whp to compete in roll-racing events and TX2K. To meet that goal D3 Performance installed a pair of Precision 7175 turbos, a 4L80E automatic transmission for quick shifts, and a Pro EFI 128 system to control it all. If you are fan of pretty TIG welds you will enjoy going through the images on the this build.

A tour of their shop showing off some of their other projects.

Source: LS1Tech

For Sale: Honda S2000 With A Viper V10

Honda S2000 powered by a  Viper V10

I covered this Viper V10 powered Honda S2000 build back in 2012 when it was still being built but now it is finished and for sale. Owner is asking $27,000 firm. Which is a good deal considering all you are getting.

The video below show it idling.

Here is another video without it running. (also shows a nice LSx swapped RX7)

Source: Craigslist and LotusTalk via tip on our Facebook page

Peugeot Moped With A V8

Peugeot 103 with-custom V8

Some people are not happy using a factory engine. Instead they want to build something unique. Take for example this Peugeot 103 moped powered by a custom V8 engine. The builder took eight single-cylinder engines and combined them into one V8. The website is in French so I wasn’t able to get a lot of information. Still the photos and videos speak for themselves.

Source: Diabolique103 via Tomahawk Tuning via TurboBricks

For Sale: 1980 Corolla With Lexus V8

This 1980 Corolla with a Lexus 4.0L V8 and five-speed manual is for sale in Dallas, Texas. They are currently asking $6,995 for the car. After doing some research I found a Grassroots Motorsports article about the car from 2006.

1980 Toyota Corolla with Lexus 1UZ V8

1980 Toyota Corolla with Lexus 1UZ V8

Source: AnB Auto Center via OppositeLock

Mad Jag PowerStroke Pulling Team

Mad Jag - twin-turbo Power Stroke diesel powerd Jaguar sedan

I wrote about this Jaguar sedan powered by a twin-turbo Ford Power Stroke diesel before but I wasn’t able to find much about it. I was very pleased when the builder recently got in contact with me and pointed me to their Facebook page. More videos and pictures can be found there.

Mad Jag - twin-turbo Power Stroke diesel powerd Jaguar sedan

Source: Mad Jag Facebook page

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